Welcome to Venture Street! My name is Guillermo Flor and I'm a recent MBA grad, ex-entrepreneur and venture capital investor at GoHub Ventures. I'm excited to share my journey and experiences with you as I navigate the world of venture capital.

As a new member of the industry, I understand the challenges and opportunities that come with building and investing in startups. That's why I've decided to start this newsletter, to give you an inside look into the world of venture capital and the startups we work with at GoHub Ventures.

In this newsletter, you can expect to learn about the latest trends and technologies in the startup world, the challenges and lessons I've learned along the way and the exciting new business models and innovations that are shaping the future.

I'll be writing weekly, so you can look forward to a new article every week filled with insights, stories and lessons that I've learned. Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to learn more about venture capital, a professional looking to break into the industry or a venture capitalist looking to connect with other members of the community and see the ecosystem through another lens, Venture Street is here for you.

One thing to keep in mind, this newsletter is based on my personal experiences and it's not meant to be investment advice nor professional work.

So come along for the ride and let's discover the world of venture capital together!


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I'm Guillermo, a former startup founder now working as a venture capital investor. I write weekly about startups path to Product Market Fit, growth and fundraising